Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Day I Got Married | 21.3.15


2+1+3 = 6
1+5=6  *yeahh it's totally lame :D

This time we were JUST finished the solemnisation ceremony. Still blushing mehh when the hero was holding my hand (as been asked by the OP = Official Photographer (his FB name: Rahman Bashah)

Masya'Allah tabarakallah astaghfirullah! It's been ages subhanallah since the last time I update my blog!

Mama's gone now peeps. It was on 2/1/2013 which was the saddest moment in my life ever subhanallah. There are so much to tell and to share about this entire journey, from the last time I really wrote about ibrah (lesson) in my life (back then in July 2012, you can check it out here in my blog's posting) until today, now, which I really has stepped into a whole NEW world, as a zaujah to a gentlemen imam and will step into a NEW other life too soon insya' Allah.

Okay fine. Yana, why are u so suddenly speak in English here Yana? U only speak in English with your zauj remember? Bahaha astaghfirullah! Okay I'll go back to my normal mode after this. I am just too excited yet too anxious to start back writing and sharing here, my own baby my blog, not the FB (my FB: Nurdiyana Masri)

The Ramadan kareem is leaving us subhanallah. This Ramadan is so special masya' Allah. 27 of Ramadan, (Isnin malam Selasa) was the Lailatul Qadr biiznillah, hope we ALL can get and grab Allah's blessing, aamiin.

May Allah bless our marriage with HIS eternal love and maghfirah til Jannah, Allahumma aamiin yaMujib.
I love u lillah S.

Prophet PBUH (peace be upon him) said :When a husband and wife look at each other
with love, Allah look at them with mercy
[Sahih Bukhari]

28 Ramadan 1436

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  1. Cik diyana eh puan diyana sekarang dah pregnant....yeayyy baby boy


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